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Park Financial Planning

There are three stages to the financial planning process with Park Financial Planning...

Financial Review: When we meet you first, we conduct a detailed review of your current financial circumstances. We gain an in depth knowledge of your priorities and we help you identify and satisfy your needs..

Implementing your financial plan: At Park Financial Planning we use all the information you have provided us with at our initial meeting to create a plan which will guide you on how you can reach your objectives. Using all our knowledge and experience we will recommend a detailed plan unique to your requirements with the intention of satisfying the objectives you have set.

Annual Review: At your request we can meet with you every year to review your plan to ensure that it is meeting your expectations and that it is compatible to your current circumstances.

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At Park Financial Planning we aim to ensure that by putting the right protection policies in place, you and your family.


Saving for your retirement is one of the most important investments that you will ever make.

Savings & Investments

If you wish to invest a lump sum, or perhaps save a regular monthly amount, we can provide you with the advice.